CoRE Kicks off BSE Faculty Conversation Series

Members of the CoRE Lab kicked off the Berkeley School of Education’s Faculty Conversations series with a panel discussion entitled Visioning New STEM Literacies Together: Reflections on the Process and Purpose of Collaborative Design.

Jacob Barton, Dr. Cherise McBride, Dr. Emily Reigh, and Collette Roberto each shared brief overviews of their ongoing research projects with the BSE community, to spur discussion around research-practice partnership (RPP) as a method to understand how new STEM literacies can be integrated into school and after-school contexts.

We especially focused on the importance of what Michelle called lowercase rpp: small, intensive co-design work with educators to explore what aspects of emerging digital literacies, particularly those that are new but rapidly becoming a part of the educational landscape (e.g. around data, coding, new media, scientific cartography) should be integrated into the curriculum.