Author: Amber Yada

  • Exploration Units

    The Writing Data Stories team has also created full 2-3 week exploration units!

  • Data Launchpads

    Data Launchpads are highly interactive documents created with the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP). They are designed to provide teachers and students with an easy and flexible “on-ramp” to working with large public datasets. Learn more about CODAP with this online guide, or download this PDF intro! Data Launchpads Curriculum includes: Data Launchpads Each […]

  • DataBytes

    Click to download these short lessons designed for engaging critical data literacy

  • DataBytes: Lesson 1

  • DataBytes: Lesson 8

  • DataBytes: Lesson 7

  • DataBytes: Lesson 6

  • DataBytes: Lesson 5

  • DataBytes: Lesson 4

  • DataBytes: Lesson 3